14. The Clock

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The Project

Build this clock from dumpster salvage.

I have this crazy quirk.  I like to build stuff from things people throw away.  In this case I cut a digital clockworks out of a plastic cigarette advertizing sign that was chucked in a dumpster.  I have had this sitting in a box for 15 years.  I finally decided it was time for a rebirth.

Right:  I masked off the face before spraying the plastic surround flat black.  I also replaced the black 1 foot cord with a more practical length.

The columns are hand painted plastic pipe.

This is where I let my creativity flow.  I use latex paints for ease of use & cleanup.  For this project I wanted the look of jade.

The bases for the columns are made from MDF

My painting tools are an assortment, rubber gloves, plastic bags, paint brushes and feathers.

The parts are all cut out and ready for paint.

I use an HVLP spray gun for finishing coats.

Ready for assembly.

The finished project!

No problem seeing the time now!

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