12. Office Furniture

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The Project

Build custom made furniture for an office.

There are 4 components to this project.

  1. Bring some life and character to a set of plain drab built in shelves.
  2. Build a bar/refreshment cabinet with a built in fridge and storage.
  3. Build 4 glass front display cases for collectable hockey sweaters.
  4. Build a movable wardrobe that will hide an unattractive area of the office.


The total number of finished pieces for the project was 120, plus reinforcement bracing.

The Build

Bar & Storage


Here is the finished bar which will contain a fridge.

The basic framing and interior mock up.  Shelving for glasses and supplies.  The area on the right will contain the bar fridge.

Doors are fitted.

Top goes on.

Interior and exterior is finished.

I needed the solid back for structural strength but put in saw cuts to provide extra ventilation for the fridge.

Finished bar with security lock in the door.

Built in Shelves

The arrows indicate the area of the built in shelves I was going to transform.


The plan was to build 3 face frames with doors installed.  Mount them to cover the 2 bottom shelves and turn this area into lockable storage.

Left: all the exposed edges of the pre-primed ¾” plywood were edge banned by hand with birch veneer.

Right: the face frames were glued up.

Left: all 3 face frames are ready to finish.

Right: frames and doors are finished.

Hinges are installed.

Lock and handles are installed.

Finished poject.

Hockey Jersey Display Frames.

Build 4 frames with glass fronts.

Frames were constructed.

Backs were installed.

I attached a frame on the back of the boxes.  When they were hung on the wall, they would appear to float out from the wall.


The glass was installed in the face frames with silicone.  Note: the primitive but effective press.

Finished Project.


The wardrobe will go in this corner to hide the access panel and folding door that hides the furnace.  The wardrobe must be easily moved to access the areas for servicing.

The base and side are attached.





Maple facing on the cubby holes.

A unique application for rollers used on a tool out-feed table.  They make low profile wheels for the rolling wardrobe.

The wardrobe is coming together.

Preparing the doors with hinges and hardware.

The bottom cubby holes will contain individual baskets for clothing, shoes, and supplies.

Next, install the one piece back and doors.

Closet rod and doors are installed, I think we are done.

Finished project.

Here is the completed office

This was a large project but I was more than satisfied with the finished look.  The furnishings and the mill-work complimented each other producing a rich and functional work and leisure space.

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