11. Telescope Case

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“The Sky’s the Limit”

The Project

Build a traveling case for a delicate instrument, a Mead Telescope

The Build

I determined the smallest size box to contain all of the components.

Cutting the top off the box

Laying out where all the components will go and using the lid for storage as well.

Attaching the lid using a piano hinge.

Installing bracing and cradles for the telescope.

The box is complete inside and out.  I prepare it for paint by totally spraying the inside and outside with wood glue slurry made up to a viscosity that can be applied with my HVLP spray gun.

This step of sealing all the wood surfaces helps to prevent the plywood from swelling during the paint process.

I use less paint and the plywood edges take on paint rather than absorbing it.

I’m ready to spray colour with my windbreak in place.

You can see the metal screw eyes and foam padding to hold things in place.

I put elastic rope through the screw eyes to hold the telescope tightly in the bottom of the box.

I used brass hardware including protective corners.  All the edges are covered with a clear plastic molding bonded with contact adhesive.

The piano hinge is stainless steel.

All the components fit like a glove.  Note: the lid holds the lens cases and brass chains keep it from flopping all the way open.

Holding the legs in place:

With an S-hook attached to the elastic rope, I thread it back and forth through the screw eyes and hook it to the final screw eye at the end.

Note: the pad and wooden block in the lid clamps down on the main swivel joint on the telescope to lock the instrument in place.

Finished Project:

Comments:  This delicate instrument now has a secure dustproof home, and a safe place when traveling.

Black latex paint with a semi-gloss water base polyurethane protective top coat.

½” G1S plywood

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