15. The Battered Jewelry Box

My daughter Bonnie brought me her jewelry box I had made her many years ago.  It had traveled with her to many places for many years and was in pretty rough shape.  It was certainly not worthy of display.

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I began by washing it completely to get all the oily fingerprints and stains off.  Then I gently sanded the chipped paint and patched the scratches and dings with wood filler.  The original construction was medium density fiberboard (MDF) so there was no grain to be concerned about.

Before painting I wiped it down with a paint prep/degreaser to remove any traces of finger prints and saw dust.  From now on I only handled the pieces with rubber gloves on.

I spray painted the entire project using my HVLP top pot gravity feed spray gun.  The product I used was Varathane gloss white water based paint.  This is a great product and your equipment cleans up with water.

After at least 3 coats of paint and a few days drying time, I sprayed a final finish.  This was Varathane gloss water based clear coat.  The clear coat forms a plastic protective barrier in case anything wet gets placed on the paint.  

After a few more days, I added the decals.  I bought the decals at the dollar store for cheap.  These added the perfect touch to a once tired and almost junked jewelry box.

I”m pleased with the result.

And Bonnie is glad to have it back.

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