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I have had visits from all over the world.  Thank you so much.  My web site and my wee dog Miss Lily keep me sane throughout the long Canadian winter.  Please take a few minutes and leave a comment.  Let me know where you are and what you liked or didn’t like about the Handyman’s Haven.

Ray & Miss Lily

Lily 019.1


April 2013

Miss Lily is a rescued dog from death row in Los Angeles California.  My wife and I have had her for 2 years now.  But Chihuahua’s are like potato chips, you just can’t have one.  So Miss Lily is so anxious for you to know she now has a little brother named Paco.  He is also a death row rescue from San Bernardino California.
They are happy to be Canadian doggies now!

Paco & Miss Lily together

Kamera Kaptures

My Latest feature are the “KAMERA KAPTURES”, when we travel I try and get pictures of the unusual, comic relief, and anything else that will bring a smile to your day.  Here is the first installment.

“Roughing it Smoothly”    KAMERA KAPTURES
Image by Ray Whyte

I caught Neil Bennie of Vancouver cooking up a storm at the Salmon Arm Camping Resort.  We had a good laugh when I asked him if he had enough propane to make to through the winter.


NEW FEATURE All of my life, I have been a photographer and videographer.  I hope you enjoy this new feature for your amusement.  Here is the title of the 1st. video under the wilderness series.

Traping Cr. slide

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