2. RV Times #145 The RV Bathroom


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Maximizing the storage space and functionality of  your RV bathroom is essential.
I cut up 1/8” Plexiglas and glued up a mosaic of chubby holes surrounding the medicine cabinet. I then lined the shelves with easy to remove and clean rubber sheeting from the craft store.  The plexi. is easy to work with and looks clean & bright.  Construction details are at the end of this article.

A slick way to increase the pressure from your shower head is to fill half the holes in the head with white acrylic caulk. Just unscrew the head and apply.  If  you want to adjust the pressure or flow rate, just fill in more holes or poke out the caulk with a pin.  Let it dry overnight before testing the water flow.  I’m getting more pressure and using less water.

Wash Day
Stacking storage bins in the shower or bathtub make for a washing machine while traveling. At your first rest stop, dump the soapy water down the drain and add rinse water.  Hang on an outside line after arriving at your site.







Non-slip rubber shelf liner makes a great shower mat and will also keep your washing bins in place while underway.








Gain extra storage with light plastic cabinets.  The bungee cord keeps the drawers closed.








The unit hangs on clips for easy removal.  The top is a convenient waterproof shelf right beside the shower






If your shower hose reaches the toilet, it can be a handy tool to clean a soiled toilet. If not, a kitchen spray nozzle T’d into a water line behind the toilet is always ready.

It hangs in a notch in the towel rack above the toilet.

I stitched Velcro to my fabric shower curtain and glued self adhering Velcro to the fiberglass wall.  This solved a constant over-spray problem.  I hope these ideas have stirred your creative side to help you improve the performance of  your RV.  If you have an idea to share please indicate as such in the comments and I will contact you for the details.


View the published version of this article page 26 and other articles in RV Times Magazine.


Build Instructions – RV Plexiglas Bathroom Shelves

The supplies you need:
These are available at most retailers selling Plexiglas or you can try a sign shop where they work with these products.

-Plexiglas, 1/8 inch thick $00.00 (I found salvage material for nothing, I’m a scrounger)
Methylene Chloride (this liquid welds the Plexiglas in short order) $5.99
-Small Plastic Squeeze Bottle with injector tip (can be had at fly-tying supplier) $5.99
-Screws and maybe wall anchors to fasten shelves to the wall $4.00
-I used 1/16 inch thick foam from the craft store, as a washable removable shelf liner $4.00

Tools you need
-Table saw, or band saw or what have you that can cut the Plexiglas straight
-Sanding block to smooth edges, 120 grit paper
-Hand drill or drill press
-Square and clamps to true up and hold shelves during construction
-Patience, this is a bit finicky keeping everything square
The liquid welder is Methylene Chloride and is injected using the squeeze bottle with a long fine injector tip.  As you apply the glue, it flows like solder in a hot copper pipe joint.  Make sure the mating joints are as tight as possible.  This is not an exact science, but the tighter the better to get a good solid welded joint.
One bottle is plenty; the Methylene flows very well and goes a long way.  My bottle was still ¼ full after doing my shelves.



The shelves are made up from 3 separate units.
Two identical side units (1&2).  And a single center unit (3).
They are screwed to the wall through a pre-drilled hole on the back of the unit.  I capped the screws with a decorative cover (4&5)




There is a small front (2) to keep things on the shelf.  It is welded so as to be flush with the side and not protrude (1).  The shelf liner is 1/16 inch foam (3), easy to lift out to wipe clean.





Each of the units has a full back so you can affix it to the wall, and I shaped (1) the center unit just for looks.







The sides (2) are one piece as is the back with the shelves suspended where ever you want them.  Remember the shelves are narrower than the sides to accommodate the flush finish of the little shelf lip.

Note the top is left open (1) to allow for tall items like shaving cream and the little woman’s hair products.






Finished Project;  Provides lots of storage space and keeps the counters clean.





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