10. Boat Restoration

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This project was most definitely a labor of love.  That’s me, in the summer of 1960.  I was 13 years old.  My dad and I with help from my mom and sister Pam, built this 13 1/2’ runabout over the winter of 1959.  In the spring dad bought a brand new 25hp., 1960 Gale Buccaneer outboard motor.   This is the first picture of the inaugural launch.  I can’t believe that was 52 years ago, I will be 65 this year, 2012.

Pam thought she was captain.


Left:  this is how she looked in 1998.  She had been driven hard and put away wet.  She was stored under cover on her side for more than 20 years.  Time had certainly taken its toll.  Right:  this is how she looked in her first season in 1960.

THE PROJECT:  Bring her back to pristine condition.

Like I said this was a labor of love.  Dad did not have the heart to scrap her.  He wanted to pass this little boat that had given us such joy, on to me.  So that hot summer of 1998 was a rebirth, as such, for the little boat without a name.

Left: “It’s going to take a few hours” my dad said.  I just laughed and told the dog to smile for the camera.

Right: we completely stripped the mahogany decks off, and gutted the interior.


Needless to say a little sanding was required.



The guys helping to get the old motor in shape.

Old          New




 Left:  Her new name is “SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY 1959″





Right:  Dad, Mom, Jacquie, Kiko, and me ready to go boating.





Mom says lets go.

Launch day: on Okanagan Lake, Kelowna B.C.





Left: The executive officer is happy.

Right: the 1st. mate and captain are happy.




What a great day on the water, it was a long time coming.







Mom & dad are ecstatic.  “Sentimental Journey” is as beautiful as she was in 1959.

Comments:  What can I say?  The family came together to resurrect a treasured heirloom.  My wife Jacquie gave her a new name;

Sentimental Journey”

We had our first date in this boat and just celebrated 40 years together.


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  1. Graham says:

    What a great story!

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