4. Coffee And End Tables – Ceramic Inlay

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This set of tables was built using salvaged materials.
The oak wood is from scrap pallets and the ceramic tile from a dumpster.

You can see the shape of the table legs in the pallet board.

Rough salvaged stock ready for milling.

I laminated oak stock together to get needed thicknesses.

Finishing a table leg.

Assembly of end frames.

I laminate the finished oak to a 5/8” particle board substraight.

Note the decorative cove routed into the end frame.

End frames ready to assemble.

Assembling top rails on the coffee table.

Assembling bottom rails on the coffee table.

Laminating the oak on the end table.

Laminating the oak on the coffee table.

As you can see a sizeable investment in clamps is required.

My sister Pam performing her magic.

This is a dry assembly showing the slat magazine rack and the pattern for the ceramic tile.

The top has to be squared and cut down to the finished size

The finished product.


Comments:  This was a very rewarding project.  Using salvaged materials always stirs curious conversation when asked where these tables were purchased.

Black ebony oil based stain.
Top coat of semi-gloss water based polyurethane. (10-15 coats, I lost count)
The tiles are adhered to the sub straight with acrylic caulk and the grout lines are finished with the same white caulk.



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